Pro-Bono Medical Consultation for Women in Agriculture

Pro-Bono Medical Consultation for Women in Agriculture

As part of CIA-GED intervention in Ondo state, the organisation provided free medical consultation for women on the 20th June, 2016. The blood pressures of 50 women were measured. A medical doctor and nurse from CIA-GED made two presentations on: Gender issues in the context of HIV transmission and management of HIV infection and Stress Management for women farmers in vegetable production.

After the presentations and enlightenment, the medical practitioners supported all the women by examining their blood pressures and subsequently gave all of them anti-malarial medication and anti-helminthiasis to deworm them. This was done due to the fact that the women reside in rural communities that is bushy and hence are at high risk of malaria. One of the women was observed to have extremely high blood pressure and was given referral by the medical doctor to the LGA medical centre based on emergency attention.

The activity also allowed the women to ask questions pertaining to their health and also address issues of occupational safety for women in agriculture.

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