Self-medication with analgesics is a global phenomenon causing both social and public health havoc in many countries. Self-medication with analgesics is a common practice where by painkiller or pain relieving drugs are used without any medical prescription. Oluwayemisi Joy, is following up on this research with 378 commercial motorcyclists in Akure metropolis. Some of the analgesics involved in the research include and not limited to; “Akapo” (in Yoruba dialect means the collection of different drugs used for relieving pain), Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol etc. The outcome of the research will help to identify the areas of intervention to re-orientate the commercial motorcyclists on the dangers of self-medication with analgesics in Akure metropolis. CIA-GED will be willing to collaborate with interested institution(s) who will be interested to be involved in rolling out the intervention programme with Amalgamated commercial motorcycle owners and riders Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN) in Akure metropolis after conclusion of the research work in 2017

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