Who We Are?

Gender sensitive institution with agenda for change processes in an improved rural economy that increases food and nutrition security and healthy living especially for women, children and youths in Africa.

To improve livelihood of rural based value chain actors through innovative development approaches that educate, engage and empower towards sustainable healthy living.

Our Core Values are integrity, respect and commitment. In the area of respect we affirm the potential, dignity and contribution of participants, donors, partners and staff. We also work using the organisation’s mission by being honest and transparent to ensure our actions match our words and also to accept the responsibilities for our collective and individual actions. This defines our value of integrity. We are also committed to work effectively to serve the larger community.

We believe the linkage between health and agriculture exists because agriculture affects health and health also affects agriculture. It is so especially because most agriculture supports 80% of the rural population and these locations have poor health facilities and engages in activities that predisposes them to diseases.

CIA-GED is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is community based in its reach. As an organisation with themes around inclusive agriculture and gender development, we function based on some principles and core values and these are derivatives of the mission and vision that the organisation has its eyes set on.  To enable us do this, the organisation also collaborates with government and other development partners and donors.

Our works are summarized thus – to educate, engage and empower people on health related issues and support agricultural value chains in rural Nigeria. We also work to aid the improvement of livelihood of small business owners, especially rural agribusiness ventures.

Our thematic objectives are as follows –

  • Business Linkages & Value Chain Development (VCD)
  • Enabling Environment & Advocacy
  • Gender equity and women empowerment
  • Reproductive Health,
  • Female Genital Mutilation and HIV-AIDS Awareness
  • Organization Development/Management