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Centre for Inclusive Agriculture and Gender Development (CIA-GED)

(Agriculture and Health for Development Initiatives)

Centre for Inclusive Agriculture and Gender Development (CIA-GED) is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on reduction of bottlenecks in agriculture with attention on the health status of farmers in rural and peri-urban areas in Nigeria.  We are based in Ondo State, South West Nigeria but with reach in other peri urban and rural locations in the country.  We are registered as an organisation incorporated by trustees with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with registration number – CAC/IT/NO 82500

CIA-GED educates, engages and empowers people on health related issues and support value chain actors based in the rural areas in Nigeria on best practices in agricultural production. CIA-GED seeks to work towards improvement of the livelihood of small business owners particularly, businesses related to agriculture and based in rural area with concept of inclusivity.

SHFs especially women are faced with challenges on access to finance, land, and non-adulterated farm inputs. CIA-GED works with these farmers on group dynamics, financial literacy, agribusiness cluster formation, cooperative management etc. with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity.

Farmers most especially women in agriculture in Nigeria are faced with the challenges on combining reproductive and domestic responsibilities with farming activities. This predisposes women to lots of stress resultant effects and its complications.  Smallholder Farmers are engaged with skills and coping strategies necessary to manage stress.

CIA-GED with her team of medical experts engages rural communities to facilitate medical campaigns with SHFs. These include; free medical test, distribution of relevant drugs, facilitate referrals for complicated cases, facilitate access to long lasting Insecticide treated bed nets (mainly to children and nursing mothers). Sensitization on other forms of health education & disease prevention mechanisms are also carried out. The main objective of the Project is to cushion the effects of poor access to health facilities in rural communities, shortage of health workers and unorthodox practices in these regions.

So Far We Have …

0+ SHFs Trained
0 Women Empowered
0 Community Health Projects
0 Capacity Building for Co-op
0+ Workshops
0+ Demo Farms

We have educated, engaged and empowered over 3,000 Smallholders Farmers and women in Nigeria.

We are always excited to collaborate with individuals and other organisations.

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